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Bill Morgan

Capt. Todd Brennan was knowledgeable, patient, friendly and a great teacher.

Jerry Teagardner

Captain Todd Brennan helped me with a new boater and safety training for my boat. He rocks! Taught me how to dock in a tight marina and some cool tricks that made maneuvering way safer and easier. After a few lessons I feel confident and am enjoying operating a boat way more.

Dawn and Dave Seefeldt

Captain Larry trained us “newbies” on our new 2006 Beneteau Antares. He went through the boat more thoroughly than the surveyors, made suggestions and helped us avoid future difficulties. He explained systems and functions well and was patient as we were learning what to do and what NOT to do with the boat. His knowledge and experience are vast. and Plus he has many resources that will be put to good use. Plus his stories are entertaining and he’s all-around a pretty cool guy. Thanks, Captain Larry!!

Russell Gomes

I just hired Captain Larry Short to help me bring my boat up from Miami Beach to Staten Island, NY. He was very knowledgable of the ICW (I am most definitely not) and knew exactly where to pull into when the weather wasn't cooperating. He had all the marinas lined up days beforehand and handled the logistics like a pro. Since this is a new boat, he helped me diagnose issues that needed attention, and we even swapped out the fuel filters due to poor fuel (from the Bahamas). He is cautious when he needs to be and was very familiar with the poorly (charts) marked channels, especially in the ICW. I will hire Larry again in the fall when I bring my boat back down to Miami

Jon Whittaker

We have hired Captain Larry multiple times over the past few years for transporting our yacht from NY-FL, FL-NY with confidence given his successful trips, knowledge of the waters and perfect care of our vessel. Therefore it was not even a question of as to who would be bringing our new 2023 64' yacht from NY to FL this year. Once again our boat was delivered in perfect condition and in a very professional manor. I highly recommend!
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